Awesome 10 Fun Games For Kayaking Tips Beginners-2022

Fun Games For Kayaking

Awesome 10 Fun Games For Kayaking Tips Beginners-2022

Summer is coming soon? Are your fingers still itching, even though it’s still too cold outside? Now is a good time to get acquainted with the newest and coolest game ideas for kayakers. In fact, there are some fun (group) games for kayakers and paddlers.

If you’ve just paddled a kayak this far, you don’t have to be afraid. The difficulty level of our favorite games is also possible for beginners. In our experience, these games are a great way to make paddling more fascinating.

Kayaking is good for your health, muscles, and mind. But paddling endless distances is not for everyone. Here kayaking games can help you. Even beginners quickly learn to use sports equipment in a fun way and still have a lot of fun with their friends. Isn’t that more important anyway?

In this writing, we detail four popular canoeing games and at the end, we give a little look at all kinds of other conditioning with kayaking.

Fun Kayak And Canoe Games On The Water

As summer approaches, you would probably love to have as many fun ideas floating around as possible. It is also a great opportunity to learn something new and healthy like kayaking or canoeing. While recreational kayaking is definitely a great workout for overall body health, the thought of endless paddling doesn’t seem all that appealing at first.

That’s why it’s great to learn something about the most popular canoe and kayak games so that when the time comes, you learn to paddle properly while having fun with your friends and making you want to come. Come back for more and it is without a doubt the best way to start falling in love with this incredible activity that will keep your mind and body healthy and in good shape.

In this article, you will read about the six most-used canoe games, and later we will see other kayak games and activities that you could do, in addition to these six that we will talk about here.

Fun Games For Kayaking:

1. Frisbee kayak

Kayak Frisbee is probably the best kayaking game for large groups. Depending on the size of the field, each team must have at least 6 players. All you need are four buoys, a floating frisbee, and a whistle to turn the game on and off.

Let’s take a look at the rules of the game. Ultimate Frisbee is another popular non-contact sport. In the classic variant (on land), two teams attempt to bring a Frisbee into the opposing team’s end zone. The special: It is not allowed to run with the Frisbee in your hand.

The sport can be simply transferred to the water. The boundaries of the playing field are demarcated by a total of four buoys. For the start, we recommend a 25-meter long playground. A floating frisbee is the object of the game. Alternatively, you can play with a soccer ball or a single ball.

The paddlers are divided into two teams. At the start, the players of both teams start from their respective end zones. The Frisbee disk is placed in the center. At kick-off, paddling is permitted.

The kayaker who is in possession of the Frisbee cannot paddle more than 3 times, so the Frisbee must be returned. You are not allowed to play yourself. The receiver should catch the Frisbee without leaving their kayak.

In the strict interpretation of the rules, possession of the ball passes to the opposing team with each missed pass (i.e. the frisbee falls into the water). For beginners or with the wind, this rule is however quite strict. This case should be determined in advance by the arbitrator.

If a player with the Frisbee arrives in the opposing end zone, his team receives a point, and possession of the ball passes to the other team. The club that scores 7 points first wins the game.

2. A dozen

This kayaking game is perfect for a group of 5 people. You need at least two kayaks, two floating balls, and a whistle.

The first two teams of two players each are formed. Two tandem kayaks or four solo kayaks can be used for play.

The rules are very simple. Whenever the gamemaster sets a task, both teams try to complete it as quickly as possible. The whistle marks the start and end of the match when one of the two teams has mastered the task.

The team that mastered the challenge first gets a point. The game is played until a team completes the dozen.

The team leader’s tasks should be fun and ideally improve the balance and feel of the equipment.

Some ideas for such tasks are:

“Swap positions on the kayak or swap kayaks without falling into the water”.
“Turn on your own axis. “
” Put in your ball. The team that brings me the opposing team’s ball first wins. »
« Jump into the water, dive under the kayak, and get back into the kayak. “

3. Catch me!

With three kayaks the following game is the best to play. It doesn’t matter if you are on your way with three solo kayaks or six tandem kayaks.

In addition to the players and their kayaks, you need a roll of tape (waterproof).
In the beginning, the playing field is demarcated. This can be done by natural limitations or you can use buoys.

Each boat is now prepared with two strips of tape 50 cm long. A band is attached to the front and back of the kayaks.

Before the start, the kayaks are distributed on the playing field. The playmaker gives the sign to start the game with a whistle.

The goal of the game is simple, but difficult to reach. The winner is the team that collects the most duct tape. In the general chaos, it is a real challenge.

Catch me! is an excellent practice for learning the quick and precise maneuver of the kayak. The balance on the boat is also improving.

The game ends when all the tapes have been torn off, or when the leader of the game has finished with a whistle in the whistle.

4. The paddle game

The paddle game is the only game on our list that is played in the state. It is not limited to a certain number of people and even non-kayakers can play. The only limitation is that each player must have a kayak paddle.

The principle of the game is as follows. All other players line up in a large circle and place the paddles vertically (with the paddle facing down). Players hold the paddles an arm’s length apart.

On the command of the captain “one to the right”, each player lets go of their paddle, turns one position to the right, and grabs the paddle of the next man before it touches the ground. If a player fails to do so, that player and the person who released the paddle will be disqualified from the game.

The game is played until there is only one man left. If two opponents still face each other at the end, they only catch their own paddle. The captain has to call in more difficult tasks such as rotating the paddle 360 ​​° or spinning the players around their own axis.

5. Race To A Dozen

If your gang of canoes counts five, this is the perfect number for a game called Race to a Dozen. You will need two canoes, a whistle, and two balls that can float.

Form two teams with two players and each team must have a ball with them. The rules are simple: complete the task given by the foreman as quickly and as possible.

When the foreman tells him what the challenge is, he has to blow the whistle. Once the whistle blows, both teams rush to deliver. Whoever finishes first gets a point. The winner is the team with 12 points.

Some ideas for tasks can be:

Change position without falling into the water
Rotating canoe in full circle
Throw the ball to another canoe
Throw the ball and try to hit something
Throw the ball, then chase the other, thrown by the other team
Jump into the water, dive under the canoe, and then climb back up from the other side.
Most of these tasks will help you learn how to balance while in the canoe, but you will also learn how to get out of the canoe and how to get back up. Also, it is useful because you will master rowing. part and learn how it works.

6. Side Wag

One of the best two-player canoe games with the simple goal of making your opponent swim. This means that you will most likely get wet quite quickly, especially if you are a beginner.

Both players are standing, facing each other, balanced on the gunwale, one at the bow and the second at the stern. Then they start moving, swinging, basically doing anything that makes the canoe rock and roll. Whoever falls into the water first loses! You can make up additional rules, such as awarding one point for each win and playing until you get five or ten. The closer you are to the end of the canoe, the more difficult it will be to keep your balance.

As you can see, this game is great for some pretty useful skills when it comes to canoeing and kayaking:

You will learn how to properly fall into the water so that you can return to the surface quickly.
You will learn to balance and stay in a kayak even when the water is not still, which is great in case you have to tow someone or the water is rough.
At the end, you will practice getting back into the canoe until you get the hang of it.

7. Delicate Situation

If there are three solo rowers or six tandem rowers, this is the best option. In addition to three canoes, whether it’s the best single-user canoe or a tandem kayak, you’ll need a full roll of duct tape.

Start by setting the boundaries and the playing area; you can use any object for this. Now take the duct tape, cut two foot-long pieces and give it to each canoe. Fold it so that about four inches of the sticky side is exposed.

Glue the tape to both the bow and stern of each canoe. The game moderator, who should also have a whistle, separates the teams and gives the signal when the game begins.

The goal is pretty simple in theory: get the most duct tape from the other ships. Although it sounds easy enough, it is really difficult to do it while moving.

This canoe set is great for learning how to properly maneuver your boat, and it will also help you learn to move your body while in it so you don’t end up capsizing once you’re in the water, paddling.

The game ends when the moderator gives the signal or when the last part of the tape is removed.

8. Canoe Fisbee / American Football

This is the best option for matches with a large number of participants, and the minimum number is eight, but it is not recommended to play it with more than 10 players for each team. From kayaking accessories and canoeing gear, you’ll need at least four boats, a floating frisbee or ball, and a whistle from your safety gear.

To configure the game, you will have to set the limits: buoys, docks, anything will do, and that will help you create a field similar to a soccer field. The end zones should be about 30 meters apart.

Players must be divided into two teams and the same as in soccer: your goal is to pass the ball into the end zone of the other team.

The game begins with both teams rowing from their end zone to the middle of the field to collect the ball. When a player has the ball, he can make five strokes before continuing to pass the ball. The receiver has to catch it from inside the boat. If the ball is fallen, it goes to the competitor to continue.

When the goal is scored, a point is awarded and the other team starts from the middle. Whoever reaches 10 points first wins.

9. Clowns

If the group is really large, playing Clown is a great choice. All you need is a canoe and an incredible sense of balance. The goal is to have as many players on board as achievable. The trick is to raise the canoe from the water, while the other “companions” try to balance the boat. You can also try a competitive version by dividing two teams and whoever has the most people or who does it faster wins. Or just waste time and get down to business.

10. The Paddle Game

The only game that is not played in the water, as with Clowns, has no restrictions and anyone who wants to can participate. The only thing you will need is a paddle for each player.

For this game, you will have to form a circle and place the blades on the ground, while the ends of the stock are held with the arm extended in front. When the moderator says a command, such as “one to the right,” players must leave their paddle free and move in that direction to catch the falling paddle before it hits the ground. If it hits the ground, both the starter and the receiver are eliminated, until there is a winner. If there are two players left, then they have to grab their own paddle, but after making a spin, if they manage to do it, two, and so on, until someone wins.


Some other fun canoes and kayak games are:

Basketball with tennis balls and canoes as crates
Tug-of-war – You’ll need a rope for this one, but it can provide a lot of fun
The tag can be played with the ball, and the player who touched the ball last is “he” and has to chase the others, or another option: “bow tag”, which is played by touching the bow of other kayaks with the paddle.
Racing: We don’t have to describe this one, do we?
Blowing against the wind is the game where many floating objects are thrown into the water, and then the players start the chase to catch the maximum

Other game ideas

Here are some other game ideas for kids, beginners, and advanced kayakers.

Basketball with two inflatable basketball hoops
A classic race
bitter struggle
Volleyball with an inflatable net


This conditioning is great for learning proper kayaking and canoeing ways while keeping the literacy process fun If you have one of your own, feel free to give it a try. As long as it’s creative, fun, and confident, it’s great!

With the games presented, beginners or children can develop a better feeling for canoeing in a fun way.

Even advanced kayakers can be inspired by the ideas of the game. The many quick maneuvers in the games are a challenging workout and also improve your paddling technique.

Author: Thomas A MillerHi, I am Thomas A. Miller... The name of our blog is Kayak Like which means we discuss the correct information and tips about all kinds of people’s favorite kayak, fishing kayak, canoeing, paddling, or boating. Kayaking is one of my favorite hobbies. That’s why I love kayaking. So I’m building a team, and we always add new information to our blog. We have been kayaking for the last 7 years and we own 6 kayaks (one touring, two tandem, and three fishing kayaks) and from different companies, especially Intex. We love kayaking with my kids and dogs and can’t wait to go kayaking if the weather feels perfect. We also have a team that always loves to blog about kayaks.

Thomas A Miller

Hi, I am Thomas A. Miller... The name of our blog is Kayak Like which means we discuss the correct information and tips about all kinds of people’s favorite kayak, fishing kayak, canoeing, paddling, or boating. Kayaking is one of my favorite hobbies. That’s why I love kayaking. So I’m building a team, and we always add new information to our blog. We have been kayaking for the last 7 years and we own 6 kayaks (one touring, two tandem, and three fishing kayaks) and from different companies, especially Intex. We love kayaking with my kids and dogs and can’t wait to go kayaking if the weather feels perfect. We also have a team that always loves to blog about kayaks.

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