Top 10 Health Benefits Of Kayaking -2021

Health Benefits Of Kayaking

Health Benefits Of Kayaking -2021

Kayaking or kayaking is a water sport that has its origin in the 70s. Previously, it represented a way of life by which the Eskimos transported food, belongings and objects for their economy and daily sustenance.

To carry out this versatile practice, they had small boats called pirogues or canoes, mostly made of wood, completely uncovered, with an oar as a rudder. With them, they sailed through the rivers and streams of the different communities.

Currently, kayaking is not only seen as an official sport, but also as a means of entertainment, as a practice that allows you to venture out to know new places, or simply as complementary equipment to go fishing with your kayak.

Regardless of your reasons for being interested in and practicing this fun activity, kayaking offers you many benefits, which will make you enjoy a better quality of life. And if you do not want to make a large investment, you can always consult cheap inflatable kayaks.

Let’s see what these benefits are.

Top10 Health Benefits Of Kayaking -2021

1. Improve your physical condition

Like all sports, kayaking helps to improve your physical condition, because when practicing it, perseverance, discipline, and resistance are required.

All these qualities are achieved by following a healthy lifestyle and a lot of training, in addition to a correct diet.

Thanks to the kayak you can also not only exercise the muscles of the arms as many believe but also the abdomen because the core muscles are used when rowing, which provides a constant abdominal routine.

In addition to this, practicing kayaking helps control the heart rate and it is scientifically proven that this sport is very beneficial for the heart.

In conclusion, kayaking is an ideal sport to keep fit and take care of your health.

 Health Benefits Of Kayaking

2. Exposure to nature

It will always be a benefit to be in contact with nature, it is composed mostly of plants that are the ones who produce the oxygen that reaches our lungs and allow us to breathe.

It is also made up of water that relaxes and helps control stress to which, as human beings, we are often exposed without being able to avoid it.

The fact that kayaking, in its practice, combines these two elements, makes it the ideal sport because the areas where they can be carried out are natural landscapes that, in addition to providing the paddler with wonderful views, helps control his mood by putting his organism in contact with nature.

 Health Benefits Of Kayaking

3. Release your stress

Kayaking is a water sport and it is scientifically proven that water is a natural relaxant, as well as being surrounded by nature and in the company of other paddlers.

In addition, the fact that while you are sailing you are exercising helps to eliminate endorphins, which improves the mood of the paddlers.

In turn, this benefit is intertwined with improved heart and breathing, so all these benefits together make kayaking extremely beneficial for the human body and the organism in general.

Health Benefits Of Kayaking

4. Improve your control over breathing

Breathing is a vital function for the body. It is the process by which oxygen enters our lungs and this helps regulate other functions of the human body.

Kayaking helps to control breathing due to the high degree of concentration that must be had to paddle and maintain the balance of the boat, once it is launched in the water.

Breathing in the middle of training or kayaking works as a filter that helps eliminate toxins that are most harmful to the respiratory system, gives greater efficiency to the lungs, and prolongs the life of those who do a sports routine in their lives.

So improving your breathing is another of the great benefits you get from practicing this fun sport outdoors.

In addition, all those who suffer from asthma can be helped by practicing water sports, as long as a doctor is consulted first. The practice of water sports such as swimming or kayaking in this sense, benefit the regulation and improvement of the functions of your immune system.

5. Helps you get vitamin D

Although it is true that sometimes, so much sun is not prudent, for no one is a secret that the skin of the human body needs vitamins that are produced through exposure to the sun’s rays, always keeping in mind that it should not be exaggerated.

This vitamin is D, and kayaking on sunny days helps its body assimilation because this is one of the most difficult vitamins to ingest through food. That is why receiving it through the skin will always be an advantage.

Normally in a kayak training in the Sun, a person can absorb 30% of the vitamin through its rays.

Health Benefits Of Kayaking

6. Helps you grow in confidence

It is scientifically proven that kayaking increases confidence and improves people’s self-esteem, due to the difficulties they often face when navigating, such as rapids and turbulent waters.

According to a study carried out and published by the Journal of Leisurability, practicing this sport helps to increase self-esteem, strengthen confidence, and in the same way the self-satisfaction of the human being, which in turn is intertwined with the psychological and mental state. It also improves intellectual capacity.

Health Benefits Of Kayaking

7. Cultivate your interpersonal relationships

Kayaking also helps interpersonal relationships thanks to the fact that it can be practiced both individually and in the company of friends and family. So, if you are the type of person who loves conviviality, kayaking is ideal for you.

There are kayak boats that are for 2 and up to 4 people and if you want to take a walk through a natural or tourist landscape through this means of transport, you can invite your family and friends to enjoy the wonderful views that nature offers in the company. INCLUDE LINK TO VESSELS OF 2-3-4 PEOPLE

Health Benefits Of Kayaking

8. Allows you to explore wonderful places

This water sport is also a great incentive for those who want to practice it to be encouraged to explore because most of the waters through which you kayak allow you to appreciate the best wonders of nature.

Cliffs, islands, beaches, waterfalls, natural landscapes, and exotic plants are the type of views that can be had when practicing kayaking, so this is another benefit of practicing this sport and you can consult online, the best kayak tours in USA & Spain.

This benefit has an additional advantage, and that is that the design of the boat allows it to travel through destinations and spaces that other types of water transport cannot, and thanks to its size, tourists and paddlers can reach places that other boats do not allow, and thus obtain a better appreciation of nature.

9. Weight loss

One of the biggest benefits of kayaking, which is a physical activity mentioned above, is weight loss. HealthFitnessRevolution says you burn 400 calories per hour while paddling at about 5mph. This means that a full afternoon of kayaking cannot burn less than 1,600 calories.

This hourly rate is lower than other, more intense exercises — for example running or swimming. However, kayaking does more than that because it is often done hour after hour. Very few people run for more than an hour while common kayakers run out for some hours.

Kayaking is also health, know the benefits of practicing it

The kayak is an excellent way to stay in shape while practicing with your paddles. In this sport, several muscles of your body are worked and it is estimated that you spend around 400 calories per hour.

Sometimes kayaking is not thought of as a form of exercise and, with it, a big mistake is made because kayaking has countless health benefits. Kayaking increases strength, improves fitness, improves coordination, and helps with flexibility. This means that you can exercise almost without realizing it.

The good thing about exercising in a kayak is that you can do it alone or with more people and are always surrounded by nature. You can spend hours and hours aboard a kayak and it always seems little. If you are considering buying a kayak, maybe if you keep reading and see how good it is for your health, let’s finish convincing you;).

These are the main health benefits of kayaking:

It’s a good cardio workout
We’ve all heard that cardio is key when it comes to staying healthy and kayaking is great for the health of your cardiovascular system. Thanks to each rowing movement you will gain cardiovascular resistance and you will notice it in the few exits you do. The heart and lungs become stronger with kayaking.

Reduce stress levels
Day-to-day work and obligations can increase your stress levels. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce the problem. Kayaking reduces stress levels much more than other sports, simply because it benefits your mind and body at the same time thanks to the contact with nature and the outdoors.

Lose weight and increase stamina
Along with cardiovascular improvement, kayaking also helps you increase physical endurance. Also, as with many exercises that require mobility, it is possible that with the work done by your muscles that you will notice weight loss as you gain strength.

You improve and tone the muscles
Although it may seem like you only work your arm muscles when paddling in a kayak, many other muscles are used, either to move or to maintain balance. You’ll get more toned muscles in your legs, chest, shoulders, and upper body, as well as defined muscles in your arms.

Develops general body strength
As we mentioned earlier, the kayak has an impressive effect on the body and its strength. Not only will you gain muscle, but this will also be accompanied by an overall increase in strength.

Greater coordination of movements
When rowing and/or turning you have to have good coordination in your movements. Just as if you are going on board a two or three-seater kayak, you will have to row according to your companions to be more efficient in your movement.

Low impact training
Another great thing about kayaking is that it is a low-impact physical activity for your joints and skeletal system. You just have to be a little careful in this case with your shoulders. Despite this, it is a sport with much less risk of injury than others with a greater impact on muscles and joints.

In short, acquiring a kayak for leisure is a great option for exercising. In addition, you can find fishing kayaks and thus attend two hobbies at the same time either individually or accompanied by your friends or family.

10. Don’t forget about safety precautions

Now that we know the advantages and benefits of practicing kayaking, it is also important to remember the use of appropriate clothing and equipment.

First of all, you must choose the type of equipment or kayak that best suits the style of kayaking you are going to practice. As many know, there are several types of kayaks that will vary depending on the type of waters that are going to be traveled.

For rough waters, there is one type of kayak and for calmer waters, there are other kinds. Likewise, all the appropriate safety measures must be taken into account, whether you are an expert in the sport as if you are just a beginner or do it for leisure, as an unforeseen event can always arise.

In the same way, it is important that you know before practicing kayaking, the weather conditions and if they are adequate so that you can undertake a tour because the weather influences the current of the water where you are going to travel.

The most advisable thing if you will only do the tour as a tourist or for fun, is that you do not go alone, but do it in the company of friends. This so that you have the opportunity to enjoy the company and to prevent any unforeseen events.

Finally, always carry a compass or the location system of your choice that allows you to never get lost on the road. Don’t forget that you can check the accessories for your kayak on this website.


Author: Thomas A MillerHi, I am Thomas A. Miller... The name of our blog is Kayak Like which means we discuss the correct information and tips about all kinds of people’s favorite kayak, fishing kayak, canoeing, paddling, or boating. Kayaking is one of my favorite hobbies. That’s why I love kayaking. So I’m building a team, and we always add new information to our blog. We have been kayaking for the last 7 years and we own 6 kayaks (one touring, two tandem, and three fishing kayaks) and from different companies, especially Intex. We love kayaking with my kids and dogs and can’t wait to go kayaking if the weather feels perfect. We also have a team that always loves to blog about kayaks.

Thomas A Miller

Hi, I am Thomas A. Miller... The name of our blog is Kayak Like which means we discuss the correct information and tips about all kinds of people’s favorite kayak, fishing kayak, canoeing, paddling, or boating. Kayaking is one of my favorite hobbies. That’s why I love kayaking. So I’m building a team, and we always add new information to our blog. We have been kayaking for the last 7 years and we own 6 kayaks (one touring, two tandem, and three fishing kayaks) and from different companies, especially Intex. We love kayaking with my kids and dogs and can’t wait to go kayaking if the weather feels perfect. We also have a team that always loves to blog about kayaks.

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