How to Choose Inflatable Kayak: How do you know how to choose your inflatable canoe/kayak?

How to Choose Inflatable Kayak

How to Choose Inflatable kayak: What is the best inflatable kayak?


Kayaking has been very popular in recent years. They are seen everywhere on lakes and at sea.

Do you want to treat yourself to one? Opt for an inflatable model that you can easily transport everywhere! They are easy to handle and offer good stability on the water.

In this article, I share with you some tips for choosing an inflatable kayak, and I present a comparison of 3 models that are among the best quality/price ratios.

The advantages of the inflatable kayak

For some time, inflatable kayaks have been very popular with athletes. Here are the advantages:

Convenient and easy to inflate
For me, the main advantage of an inflatable kayak is undoubtedly its practicality. Indeed, it is generally compact and light during transport when it is deflated.

You just need to inflate it once you arrive at its destination, which does not take much time with an electric pump or a suitable inflator. The deflation is done just as quickly.

Inflating and transporting really isn’t a problem if you choose an inflatable kayak.

Ease in navigation
Inflatable kayaks are fairly easy to steer. This is undoubtedly explained by the presence of the 2 side flanges which ensure good stability, even when the kayak is fully loaded.

Whether in shallow water or in fairly strong water currents, the inflatable kayak is easy and trouble-free to steer. Which is a great advantage that should not be ignored.

Solid material
It can happen to doubt the strength of the inflatable kayak. Let me reassure you right away, it’s just as durable as a plastic kayak. The materials are always chosen with care by the manufacturers with the objective of being able to withstand bad weather, winds, or wear caused by water.

Attention point: Although the inflatable kayak is strong and sturdy, it is best to use its plastic counterpart for whitewater and seawater.

How to choose an inflatable kayak

2 people carry an inflatable kayak

The different types of kayaks

There are currently several types of kayaks on the market. Each corresponds to a specific use.

Overall, kayaking is suitable for several activities at sea and on all waters. There are different categories, precisely according to the possible activities and according to the manufacturing, materials used.

Kayak fishing

I recommend this type of kayak if you want to go trolling, at sea, or on waterfalls. It is also suitable for jigging, a vertical fishing technique that is quite popular today.

Kayak fishing is of course delivered with a sea certification.

Kayak Sit On Top

If you like calm walks with the family or as a couple in shallow water, you will find what you are looking for with the Sit On Top kayak. It is very comfortable and self-righting.

It is clearly the most suitable for organizing beautiful convivial walks in soothing surroundings.

Deck kayak
This is the kayak for you if you are more into long hikes following the course of a coastline, or long sea trips. It is also the number 1 choice for those who like speed.

I advise you to think carefully about your use of the kayak before purchasing. You will be able to choose the one that best suits your activities while ensuring your safety and that of your loved ones.

Comparison: What is the best inflatable kayak?

I have personally tested several models, but I have also searched the internet to be able to offer you the best choices. Here are the ones I have selected for you:

How to choose an inflatable kayak

* Please note, paddles are not included with these models. You can find many models accessible here.

1.Check Price On Amazon

2.Check Price On Amazon

3.Check Price On Amazon

How to choose an inflatable kayak

If you are new to the field, I advise you to read the following carefully so as not to make a mistake in your choice. There are many things you need to consider before you checkout.

The number of places, the shape, and the material

The number of places available will determine the number of people you will be able to bring with you on board. The capacity of the kayaks is generally up to four places. Think carefully about who you want to bring on your trips!

To choose the right kayak, it is also important to know the different shapes and materials of manufacture. There are V-shaped kayaks, round kayaks or flat kayaks, with different widths and lengths. Always try to cross these criteria with the type of activity that you are going to favor. For example, a strong person who is just starting out may prefer the flat and wide kayak in order to be more comfortable.

If you can, also consider testing the kayak to see if you are properly seated there before making your choice.

Drift or Safran?


The Dérive or Safran kayaks are designed to allow you to steer your boat well in unpredictable waters, especially at sea.

The Safran and the Drift are kinds of rudders that are placed at the back of your kayak (or below). They are generally easy to control. For example, the movement of the Safran is possible thanks to the pedals that can be actuated at the foot of the rower.

In addition to stabilizing your kayak, they will allow you to steer it more easily than by paddling. The strong point is a great energy saving during the ride.

The budget

The choice of your kayak will also depend on your budget. Note that some models are more accessible than others, by the material with which it was made, but also according to the brand and the type of activity desired.

How to choose an inflatable kayak

woman on an inflatable kayak

The best brands

There are many brands of kayaks on the market that offer quality, rigid and inflatable kayaks.

Intex is the specialist in everything that is inflatable. Intex kayaks are some of the best inexpensive kayaks, and they offer good quality, durable models. The Intex models all have a capacity of two places.

The Sevylor brand is also one of the big names in inflatable kayaks. Very concerned about the needs of its customers, this brand offers models compatible with different types of activities. Sevylor kayaks are of very good quality and are often two-seater.

The frame is the third brand that I recommend. Its models are renowned for being the most efficient and resistant on the market. The frame offers two and four-seater kayaks for customers looking for more convenience.

A few words about the regulations

Like all sports, kayaking is practiced with a few rules to follow.

Know that it is forbidden to pilot a kayak without a license and that it is mandatory to register it with the maritime affairs if you intend to sail more than 300 meters from the shores. Also, for your safety, it is strictly forbidden to travel with your kayak more than 6 nautical miles. Remember these main rules to keep yourself out of trouble.

In short, canoeing/kayaking is a very interesting and exciting sporting activity for thrill-seekers. However, it is essential to clearly identify your needs before purchasing, the idea is to avoid accidents due to misuse.


Canoe or kayak: what’s the difference?

We can be led to believe that canoeing and kayaking are the same, but I would like to point out that they are two different disciplines.

Indeed, although these boats both sail on the water, there are two main characteristics that differentiate them.

The first is in the position of the rower. In canoeing, the rowers are on their knees with their legs bent behind them, while in kayaking they sit at the bottom of the boat, in a seated position with their legs in front of them. It is therefore not by the shape of the boat or by the number of places that we qualify them, but by the way in which the rowers are installed on the boat.

These two sports can also be differentiated by the type of paddle that rowers use. Thus, in a canoe, we use a single oar, which the rower can position on the side that suits him for paddling. On the other hand, in a kayak, we use a double paddle. As you will understand, these are two oars positioned on either side of the boat, and the rower is obviously in the middle for paddling. The number of passengers in the boats does not influence the name of the sport practiced.

These differences are mainly explained by their origins. The Indians had made the canoes to transport commercial products. So that there was enough room in the boat, and to be able to transport the maximum amount of goods, they chose to kneel down to row and steer the boat. As the kneeling position allowed them to be at a good height to see and paddle, they chose to use only one oar.

The kayak, on the other hand, was made by the Inuit to fish and transport travelers. The boat, therefore, had to be stable at all levels. The rowers needed a low center of gravity, which is why they chose two paddles and the seated position for paddling.

Where to buy a cheap inflatable kayak?

The Internet is clearly the best place to find the largest selection of inflatable kayaks at the best prices. In stores, you will mainly see deflated models, which look the same!

Compare the few selection criteria stated above! Then list the models that fit your budget and especially read customer reviews to make your final choice, they are a great source of information. Concentrate on the general opinion which is quite indicative of the overall quality of the product.

Hope the article will help you with your choice! Happy shopping to all🙂




To help you choose the best Inflatable Canoe / Kayak on the market for 2017, we have written a specialized article on how to choose the right boat. Pay attention to what will follow because your satisfaction with your next purchase may depend on it.

The different types of inflatable canoe/kayak today

We will discuss the different categories of Canoe / Kayak that are currently available on the market and together we will detail the possible uses according to their type.


If your desire is to go for short sea trips along the coast or in a peaceful little river, sit on top kayaking is highly recommended. Approximately 2.40m long for a single person, it will allow you to fully enjoy the scenery without getting tired. With your family or on your own, you will appreciate the plenitude of navigation without an engine.

Sport / recreational fishing

Are you a passionate boat fishing enthusiast? The Canoe / Kayak will give you freedom of movement with the possibility of reaching a lot more big catches than from the edge. Once again we recommend the Sit on top because this kayak is very suitable, it will allow its user to maneuver easily and reach fishing areas quickly. Its length offers stability and easy access to its equipment. But you can just as easily choose a decked inflatable Canoe / Kayak which will provide great stability but to the detriment of ease of access to your equipment and even more so in rough seas.


Do you plan to engage in regular physical activity using a kayak? In this case, we recommend that you buy a deck-type kayak. Indeed it is made to gain speed and you will burn calories without feeling it. At sea, in a river, or in a lake, this type of boat will give you a pleasant feeling and allow you to keep your line as well as your breath.

River descents

It is not impossible to do the descent of rapid however we must warn you that there is a strong risk of damaging your boat if you are not familiar with the rivers that you have chosen to practice your boat. activity. Inflatable canoes/kayaks still have a certain fragility and we do not recommend that you go down torrents or rapids where you could not control your trajectory and find yourself crushed against the edge which could kill the kayak. Go for a rigid kayak if your intention is to go down these kinds of rapids.

You are now warned of the different types of inflatable Canoe / Kayak that exist and according to your future practice. Do not hesitate to consult our article on the maintenance of inflatable canoes/kayaks.

Maintenance rule for Inflatable Canoe / Kayak.

The summer season is over and the days are getting shorter? The wintering of your boat will therefore soon be able to begin. But before that, you will be advised to carry out some important steps in order to keep your property in good condition until the next use. We will describe the 3 important steps for winterizing your boat.


During your last excursion of the season, especially if it took place at sea, a big rinse will be necessary. We, therefore, recommend that you spray your entire inflatable canoe/kayak with fresh water. This will remove impurities such as sand, leaves, soil, or even salt. Be careful not to leave anything in the folds which is why we advise you to rinse your boat twice once inflated and a second time deflated because if the canoe is inflated you will not necessarily be able to reach the folds.

Drying :

Once the rinsing operation is completed, dismantle all the components and accessories of your inflatable kayak (the floor, oarlock, etc…) you will have to dry it completely. Use an absorbent cloth or let it dry in the wind and in the sun if it is present. You will thus avoid the possible molds due to the humidity which could have remained stuck in certain folds of your boat.

The folding :

Once your Canoe / Kayak is dry, the next step is to fold it up gently, taking care not to tear the canvas to finally slip it into its house. It is highly recommended to roll up the canvas of your Canoe while expelling the air and avoiding any folds which could end up causing holes and will take up much less space.

Now that you are aware of the maintenance rules, you will be able to ensure the sustainability of your future boat.

For all other questions, we refer you to our buying guide where you will find our selection of inexpensive inflatable Canoes / Kayaks ardently unearthed for you.

How to fish with an inflatable kayak:

Tips and Limitations

You are looking for a fishing kayak and suddenly you wonder, can you fish with an inflatable kayak? Surely this question has haunted your head on more than one occasion. Well, this article is going to show you the advantages and limitations offered by inflatable kayaks for sport fishing.

More and more people are encouraged to practice fishing from an inflatable kayak, although it can be a somewhat complex activity. Thanks to the price of these kayaks, it is much easier to encourage yourself to take the rod and the fishing equipment to go fishing with our inflatable canoe.

Can you fish from an inflatable kayak?

This is the first question that many of us ask ourselves and the answer is YES, you can go fishing with an inflatable kayak. Now, we will have some limitations that rigid kayaks do not have. Here we explain what they are.

Knowing the inflatable kayak
An inflatable kayak has several advantages over rigid ones, but these advantages relate to storage and transport and not to navigation.

In addition to being an inexpensive boat, it is also lighter. This is an advantage, but it can also be a disadvantage.

To begin with, we are talking about a boat that is much lighter and more responsive than rigid kayaks. Because it is lighter, the wind affects it much more, so it is important to go fishing on a day where the weather blows gently or does not blow directly or it will cost you much more to handle the kayak with ease, of course, it would not be a good idea.

In this way, if you go far away from the coast, you must have an effort that you will have to make a lot of effort, both when going and when returning.
On the other hand, an inflatable kayak is not highly recommended for long trips. This is due to the fact that the effort that must be carried out in one of these inflatables is much greater when it comes to stroking than in its more rigid alternative.

If it is inflatable, it can be punctured

It may seem obvious, but it is important to qualify it. Unlike another type of kayak, an inflatable canoe can get punctured. For this reason, we must be especially careful when casting and collecting the hook, or also with the equipment that we are transporting in it, since, if we are not careful we can damage it.

The risk that the kayak has of being punctured invites us to think even more that it is not a good idea to go far from the coast, a maximum of 200 meters.
This problem linked to the previous one of the effort will avoid us more than one annoyance if we puncture in the middle of the sea, something that usually occurs in the lower part of it since it is the least protected of the boat.

Space for fishing equipment

If you are going to choose an inflatable kayak to buy, from here we advise you to choose a larger two-seater model. In these models, you will be able to carry all the accessories much better and you will have much more space to maneuver.

In addition, due to the material that characterizes these inflatable kayaks, the weight difference will not be as noticeable as if we are talking about larger rigid models.

Finally, it is important to take into account two more aspects. An inflatable kayak is going to offer us less stability than a rigid kayak, so we must also take into account the waves that may be present at all times.

Of course, the best option for going fishing with our inflatable kayak is without wind and without waves. Lastly, we will be limited to catching small fish. If you are thinking of getting a somewhat larger trophy, the inflatable kayak is not the option you should consider buying.

Buy an inflatable kayak

You want to practice inflatable kayaking and you found yourself in front of a huge choice of kayak with various shapes & volumes? Look no further, we will help you find your inflatable kayak and buy your next kayak!

Solid, resistant, and above all ultra-light, the inflatable kayak is ideal for learning to kayak in rivers, lakes, and at sea. Used for initiation, leisure, or fishing, the inflatable kayak is not a simple toy of beach, it has already proven itself in whitewater!

The inflatable kayak, like the semi-rigid kayak, is a kayak covering a wide range of practices. From inexpensive initiation to walking, fishing, or white water, there is something for all tastes and budgets!

Inflatable kayak

The inflatable kayak is the most practical solution for solo or family kayaking while on vacation. As its name suggests, this model has the particularity of being less greedy in space. Easy to assemble, disassemble, fold and store, it’s ideal for kayaking without having to worry too much about carrying heavy equipment.

This small inflatable boat allows you to slowly descend rivers that do not have too much current. Fairly strong as a plastic kayak, it is made of ultra-resistant, shock-resistant, and anti-abrasion materials. Even in the event of a puncture, an approved inflatable kayak is able to float properly until help arrives. In addition, a coil is also easily replaced in the event of an incident.

Inflatable kayak seen from above and tilted

Features of an inflatable kayak
An inflatable kayak usually has an electric pump that just plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter for quick and easy inflation. In less than 7 minutes, the inflatable kayak is ready to use and deflation takes just 2 minutes. Its compactness makes it exceptionally light compared to other types of plastic kayaks. Indeed, its featherweight of 14 kg is remarkable compared to a classic kayak which weighs around 35 kg on average.

Composed essentially of a thick and resistant canvas, an inflatable kayak is almost as rigid as the traditional models. Its two side tubes give it exceptional stability on the water and promote navigation in shallow water. On the other hand, its featherweight has a reverse, the inflatable kayak drifts more easily.

Choosing the right inflatable kayak

When buying an inflatable kayak, it is advisable to check the portage. In general, this can support a load of 150 kg, including the passenger. Which is rarely enough when it comes to getting two into a kayak, plus a few picnic baskets. For this, it is better to opt for a larger model, with a loading capacity of up to 230 kg. In any case, you should know that the inflatable kayak is not approved and therefore does not allow you to move away from sailing beyond 300 m from a shelter.

Maintain your inflatable kayak

Have you made up your mind? Your choice is made, have you opted for an inflatable kayak? Now think about the maintenance of your inflatable kayak so that it benefits from a long lifespan and allows you to navigate in good conditions!

Author: Thomas A MillerHi, I am Thomas A. Miller... The name of our blog is Kayak Like which means we discuss the correct information and tips about all kinds of people’s favorite kayak, fishing kayak, canoeing, paddling, or boating. Kayaking is one of my favorite hobbies. That’s why I love kayaking. So I’m building a team, and we always add new information to our blog. We have been kayaking for the last 7 years and we own 6 kayaks (one touring, two tandem, and three fishing kayaks) and from different companies, especially Intex. We love kayaking with my kids and dogs and can’t wait to go kayaking if the weather feels perfect. We also have a team that always loves to blog about kayaks.

Thomas A Miller

Hi, I am Thomas A. Miller... The name of our blog is Kayak Like which means we discuss the correct information and tips about all kinds of people’s favorite kayak, fishing kayak, canoeing, paddling, or boating. Kayaking is one of my favorite hobbies. That’s why I love kayaking. So I’m building a team, and we always add new information to our blog. We have been kayaking for the last 7 years and we own 6 kayaks (one touring, two tandem, and three fishing kayaks) and from different companies, especially Intex. We love kayaking with my kids and dogs and can’t wait to go kayaking if the weather feels perfect. We also have a team that always loves to blog about kayaks.

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